Answers to questions about the association "Kandavas Partnerība"

When was the association "Kandavas Partnerība" founded?

The association "Kandavas Partnerība" was founded on August 8, 2006. Representatives from municipalities, non-governmental organizations and companies participated in the founding meeting

What is the association "Kandavas Partnerība"?

The association "Kandavas Partnerība" is an association of local organizations - municipalities, non-governmental organizations, companies and rural residents, which operates in the territory of the Kandavas Partnerība in order to improve the quality of life for people in the countryside, thinking about both economic and social improvements and environmental preservation opportunities.

What is the activity of the association "Kandavas Partnerība" based on?

The activity of the "Kandavas Partnerība" association is based on the development of the Kandavas Partnerība Development Strategy. In the development and implementation of the strategy, an approach is used which determines the active participation of citizens in the development, approval and implementation of the strategy.

What is the main goal of the association "Kandavas Partnerība"?

The purpose of the implementation of the partnership development strategy is the attraction and implementation of projects that stimulate the increase in the quality of life of local residents throughout the territory.

What are the tasks of the association "Kandavas Partnerība"?

* promote and support public involvement in the development of rural areas;

* develop and implement a strategy for sustainable rural development, using the principles of public participation;

*develop cooperation with state, local government and non-governmental organizations, companies and other institutions in Latvia and abroad, promoting the development of the "Kandavas Partnerība" territory;

* promote the formation of community cooperation network;

* coordinate and attract financial, material, intellectual and other resources;

* Represent the interests of rural residents at the national and international level in order to achieve the goals of the partnership.