The association "Kandavas Partnerība" wants to promote the business development of the region by offering information on current opportunities for existing and potential entrepreneurs to attract loans in the non-bank sector in the territory of the association "Kandavas Partnerība".

The idea for the availability of such a service arose due to the increase in the number of situations when obtaining LEADER funding (even after an approved LEADER project application) was hindered by the project applicant not receiving a loan for the implementation of the project idea. An important role in ensuring the availability of such information is rooted in the purpose of the existence of the association "Kandavas Partnerība": to promote the development of the local economy and the provision of local community activity services and social activities in the countryside.

As a result, an informational platform SEGUMS has been created, where existing and potential entrepreneurs in the area of activity of the association "Kandavas Partnerība" can obtain information about opportunities to attract loans in the non-bank sector as well.

The informative platform SEGUMS is one of the results of the ELFDA project "Regional Finance Development" (project no. 18-00-A019.332-000005).

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current Research (in the RESEARCH section) on the borrowing needs of existing and potential entrepreneurs. The authors of the study are SIA "SKDS Research Center".

Within the framework of the ELFLA project "Regional Finance for Regional Business", project no. 18-00-A019.332-000005.