The information of the association "Kandavas Partnerība" about non-bank loans available in the territory of the association has been compiled and will be published in the future under the recognizable name SEGUMS.

What is SEGUMS?

How to create information about non-bank loan opportunities on the SEGUMS platform?

Why was the name SEGUMS chosen?

An informative platform for existing and potential entrepreneurs, financial lenders of the non-banking sector in rural regions.

The purpose of the platform is to inform rural entrepreneurs about financial loans in the non-bank sector in the given region.

Also, the platform ensures the placement of information of non-bank sector lenders about their services in the specific region.

The platform includes:

  • contact information about the non-bank lenders in the area of activity of the association "Kandavas Partnerība".
  • the results of a current survey on the needs of existing and potential entrepreneurs for attracting finance.

We invite you to inform the association's contact person: Inta Haferberga, e-mail [email protected], phone number 28390394, who will accept the information and organize its placement on its website about non-bank lenders in the territory.

We will agree on the need to post information and the volume and content of the information in further communication


SEGUMS means completed activity, result and result - resources.

SEGUMS is a materialized structure, a layer that covers the surface providing a basis for activity and growth.

SEGUMS is justification, proof, actual, real foundation.

By choosing the name SEGUMS, a way has been sought to convey the message of a new platform - a place where it is impossible to meet a potential entrepreneur of a non-bank lender of the regional region.

To meet so that the financing required for the implementation of the needs of entrepreneurs covers the specific needs - SEGUMS.