LENDERS in the territory of Kandava Partnership

In the territory of the Kandava Partnership, in the non-banking sector, loans for natural and legal persons (ZS, IK) are available:

For residents of Kandava region, owners of real estate in the area, and those performing commercial or professional activities:

  • Kandava county cooperative credit union - address Tirgus laukums 11, Kandava, 1st floor; tel. no. 26535540; e-mail [email protected]; home page http://kandavaskks.mozello.lv/

Residents of Pūre, Sēme and Irlava of Tukuma region for real estate owners, workers in the area:

  • Pūre cooperative credit union - Pūre 18-14, Pūre parish, Tukuma district; phone no. 28388272; e-mail [email protected]; home page           http://www.pureskks.lv/