The logo contains several symbols that describe the territory of the Kandavas Partnerība:

An arc-shaped element – a base that symbolizes a bridge, at the same time water (river). On the bridge/water are the other elements of life.

People - symbolize cooperation, love, unity...

Sailboat - symbolizes the pursuit of one's goal, direction, dynamics...

Tree - symbolizes the fruits of labor, development, strength...

House - symbolizes family, prosperity, stability...

Mushroom - a flood of good deeds every year:)

Technical parameters of the logo of the association "Kandavas Partnerība":

Pantones and the CMYK division of specific pantones in the logo:

Black – 426C (C-0.0 M-0.0 Y-0.0 K-100.0)

Yellow – 116C (C-0.0 M-15.0 Y-94.0 K-0.0)

Bright Green – 376C (C-56.0 M-0.0 Y-100.0 K-0.0)

Red – 179C (C-0.0 M-79.0 Y-94.0 K-0.0)

Dark Blue – 633C (C-91.0 M-0.0 Y-15.0 K-27.5)